dimanche 31 août 2008

Siena, Toscany, Italy

As possibly mentioned previously, my favourite past time is related to art: theatre, music: guitar/piano playing, singing, photography, drawing / painting, etc….

I love to travel in order to discover the world and collect data in my "Carnet de voyage".

This year I choose Toscany Italy, more precisely the area of Siena as recommended by a co-worker.
My research led me to Villa Luisa Toscana located in Ville di Corsano. Excellent choice ! The Villa Luisa Toscana covered all aspects of my basic daily needs.
Luisa is a excellent hostess. Her suggestions were very well appreciated.

As I travel alone, safety is my first criteria. The fact that I rented a car allowed me discover to discover the surrounding area which is absolutely beautiful wherever you go. I realized with time that it is not necessary to drive for hours to reach major towns such as Firenze or Pisa. My interest

My favourite scenes were located less than 15 minutes away from Villa Luisa / Ville di Corsano: Stigliano, Torri, Orgia, Brenna, Grotti, Radi, etc…

I did enjoy visiting as well San Gimigniano, Voterra, Monteciano, Pienza, Montepulciano, Greve etc…

All my sketches black / white or in color were produced in a sketch book 5,5 x 8 po by Omer DeSerres with a very limited Homee watercolor palette filled up with fresh watercolor Winsor & Newton pigments and a Holbein waterbrush series 500 round.
In order to see the collection of my production I invite you to see my 2 slide shows either :

Enjoy !
To be followed ...

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